Let Christ Shine This Halloween!

Halloween is a confusing topic for many Christian parents. Should we allow our children to trick or treat? What about Harvest parties? What's so bad about dressing up and celebrating? Regardless of whether or not your own children go door-to-door, Halloween provides an excellent opportunity for Christian families to reach out to others. There is literally no other time of the year that folks will show up on your doorstep and take what you offer them. The decision, by some, to turn off their lights and ignore the doorbell is a decision to miss out on opportunities of ministry and relationship building.

Here's some alternatives to "shutting out" Halloween:

-- Hand out candy with one of the fun Halloween tracts available in stores and online/

-- Host a neighborhood fall party with games, treats, and prizes for the best costume in a specific category (i.e., historical characters, book characters, animals, Bible characters, items found around the home). Yes, some neighbors may show up in disturbing costumes. After the neighbors are gone, take the time to teach into that moment with your children. Talk about the difference that a Christian worldview makes in our daily choices. Spend some time praying for your unsaved neighbors.

-- Host a fall Bible club. Have some simple competitive games. Provide a snack. Teach a simple Bible lesson and learn a memory verse together. Perhaps, this will open the door to more Bible clubs in your home.

-- If you choose to allow your children to trick-or-treat, spend time planning a super costume that will allow them to stand out in a positive way. As they go door-to-door, provide them with tracts to give back in exchange for the candy.

-- Take the time to greet and converse with each child that comes to your door. Be the mom with the "coolest" treats. Not the cheap neighbor that gives away the candy no one wants. Our God is great and it's our job to show how excellently Christians do everything they do!

If you're going to do Halloween ... do it big!! Take what the world claims to own and make it an opportunity to make Christ shine!


With a Ph.D. in Parenting and Character Development, Steve Scheibner along with wife Megan, write and lecture extensively, sharing their "Parenting Matters; The Nine Practices of The Proactive Parent," reaching thousands of parents at their conferences and through their books and resources. As parents of eight children, both Steve and Megan have popular blogs where they write about parenting, character-development, and men's and women's issues. Megan is also the author of several books including In My Seat: A Pilot's Story from Sep. 10th to 11th. For more information, visit their website at characterhealth.com.