Let Us Adore Him

Advent is not just about acknowledging Jesus, but adoring him. Christmas is not first about witness, but about worship. So, come, all ye faithful. Come, joyful and triumphant. Let us adore our Christ. But beware your standard of who can come in worship. At Jesus's own birth, it wasn't the squeaky-clean, religious elites of biblical faith who bowed the knee in worship. Rather, they bowed their back, and it was the dirty pagans who streamed in to adore him.

All Ye Faithful

We need look no further than the magi of Matthew 2 for our model of the "faithful." To call them "three kings" is overstated. "Wise men" is positive spin. These guys are more like sorcerers. They are star-gazing, pagan astrologers, watching for who-knows-what in the skies, rather than the Scriptures, and God in his grace comes to them through the very channel of their sin. Even here at Jesus's birth, he is making wizards into worshipers worldwide. Even from the priestly class of pagan religion.

Don't miss the message of the magi: If such sinners as these can approach the Christ and fall down in worship, so may all. Pagan astrologers prostrate in adoration is a stunning emblem announcing that all sinners may come.

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