Let's Run to the Battle

I came of age in the Reagan years. His 1980 campaign slogan was "Let's make America great again." I loved what followed under his presidency.

Today, it seems the American people have affirmed a different path. There may well be no turning back.

In one sense, I know I'm not going to like it. This cuts against every moral and political fiber in my being.

For most of you, it cuts you, too. We're in it together.

So I've read with varying degrees of sympathy the Christian and conservative reaction. Sad, frightened, angry, resigned, combative, sometimes with rays of hope shining through.

A dark path probably lies ahead. An uncomfortable path.

I get it.

But let's face it. It's useless to long for days gone by or days that will never be. It's not from wisdom that we hide from reality.

So what can we do?

Christian, join my optimism as we look to the future together.

Say what?

You heard me. Optimism.

The difficult days ahead (that may well include persecution) cannot possibly be the end of us. Our God and Father hasn't stopped blessing us.

To the contrary.

Remember the providence of our God. Remember the presence of our risen Christ. Remember the provision of our indwelling Holy Spirit.

The great Triune God has not only ordained these times in history.

He has ordained *us*, individually and collectively, for precisely such a time as this.

Christ will build His church in the days to come--not through noble saints of old--but through us.

God hasn't given us the 1980's. He's given us the 2010's and beyond.

This is our appointed hour.

So no more longing looks to days gone by.

No more complaining, defeated, anxious looks to days ahead.

It's different from what we might have chosen, but nevertheless our time from our gracious Master has arrived.

What do we do?

Take up the armor of God.

And then?

Let's run to the battle.

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