Letting Go of What You Thought for What Is True

In 2006, I was a guest on the Dr. Phil Show. It was a fantastic experience full of surprises and expectations. I expected to have a pre-interview with a producer. I expected to have a totally interesting and slightly intimidating experience on set. I expected to have my make-up professionally done there in the studio. I expected cameras, questions and lots of nerves! I didn’t expect to talk to Dr. Phil personally offstage though. And if I did get to meet him, I expected him to be hurried and professional but not as engaging in private as he was on TV. Well, most of my expectations were correct. I pre-interviewed with a producer. There were cameras, professional make-up (thank you, Lord), lots of questions and even more nerves! But, what I expected from Dr. Phil personally was not what I got! I expected him to be hurried. And, even though he was in a hurry, he wasn’t rushed. He was was warm and casual. I expected him to be more guarded or distant in person than he seems to be on TV. Nope, he was so engaging and genuinely personally interested in me. I was totally thrown off – he was not who I expected him to be.

I realized that I was the one who thought he was famous; he acted as if that thought never entered his mind! I don’t really think he knows he is famous! He is so down-to-earth and humble. So, if I wanted to really relate to him, I had to surrender my expectation of who I thought he was and accept who he actually is. Once I mentally shifted gears and related to him according to who he was, rather than who I thought he would be, I had such fun talking to him after the show.

You see what I’m saying, right? Until we let go of our expectation of who we “think” someone is or should be, we will never really know them intimately.

For our faith to grow stronger, our relationship with God, the Object of our faith, must grow stronger too.

But, our relationship with God will not grow if it’s made up of a faulty image of who He is.

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