Lies Hurt

Children's lies are among the most painful words a parent can hear. You know that every one is born sin and that Bible teaches that children come forth from the womb speaking lies (Psalm 58:3). Still, when you realize your child is lying to you, it hurts. Lying is an indication that children are much more self-aware than they are often given credit for. It is compelling evidence of their true heritage: original sin. Children don't have to be taught to lie, it comes naturally.

One reason children lie is because they fear exposure. They are afraid others will find out their thoughts and doubts are hidden. Thus, lying seems to be the best way to solve the problem. However, nothing is hidden from God. When we sin, we lose the ability to be logical. We are blinded by self-interest. We don’t know what makes us stumble (Proverbs 4:19).

So when you hear your children lie, remember that one of the elements behind the lie is fear -- fear of being exposed for who they really are. In the midst of hearing their lies, you must have compassion for your children. Yes, they are sinful, unkind, and even cruel with their lies. But at the root is a heart in need of Christ. Without Christ, fear dominates. Fear can make one stupidly deny the obvious.

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