A Life Lived for Others

WASHINGTON -- Selma Nunes, a leader with the Eastern Fairfax Young Life community in Northern Virginia, used to tease Martin Bodrog for always wearing on his lapel a small pin with the letters YL when he went to work at Washington's Navy Yard. Nunes asked him why he wore the Young Life logo to work when the organization does Gospel-focused outreach to high school students not naval personnel and civilian contractors.

"Because if somebody asks me about the pin then I get to share with them too," Bodrog told Nunes, who stopped teasing him about the pin.

"His life was very mission-focused that way," Nunes told me just days after Bodrog, 54, died in the Sept. 16 shooting at the Navy Yard. He was one of 12 victims who didn't make it home that day. The incident was the deadliest attack on a domestic military base since 2009.

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