Life Schooling

Home educating (or as we like to call it, "life schooling") our kids affords me the privilege of doing cool things with my boys like bringing them with me to a business meeting in Bend, Oregon and learning how to fly fish.

We made a 3 hour road trip in a convertible Mustang through the pine forrest below snow capped Mt. Hood to lake Billy Chinook. Luke caught 3 salmon, James watched osprey swoop down and snatch fish out of the water with their talons, and I got treble-hooked only twice the whole trip (once in the back of my head by Luke, which I think was his way of telling me he wants to hang on to me for awhile, and once more by myself in the small of my back due to an amateur fly fishing cast). I call that a successful adventure!

I cherished the extra father/son time due to a 2 hour foggy flight delay in San Francisco. Now we have to fly north before we fly south. Boys are excited to stay up till midnight on a plane and can't wait get home to share big fish stories with the girls in the morning! Nature is our family's favorite playground and most exciting school room. I hope to bring the whole family to this beautiful spot one day.