The Lifelong Habit of Pursuing Friendship

Date night ... there's a place not far from our house, Diego's ~ Spirited Kitchen, that Lisa and I find our way to on a semi-regular basis for a few moments away. We don't often order much, maybe a little avocado salsa fresca, but we just love to spend time together. It was a busy night at Diego's a few weeks back. We couldn't help noticing the couple -- mid-sixties, maybe -- who sat the entire evening, stone-faced, across from each other. Not a word passed between them -- date night. Hope they enjoyed the food -- really sad. I don't know their story but that didn't keep me from wanting to take the guy by the lapels and say, "Can't you see the vacant longing in your wife's eyes? She's begging to be loved by you!"

What was Lisa doing? I noticed something in her face as she discreetly looked their way -- something in her eyes evaluated, wondered, analyzed.

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