Like a Weaned Child

There are lessons from childhood that adults are often too proud learn. But King David was able to learn contentment from a young child at rest with his mother. When we are consumed with taking care of ourselves, we have taken on a responsibility that is too great for us. As a result the most important part of life, our relationship with God. is pushed to the side while we determine our how to cope with our problems. However, in Matthew 6 Jesus says to seek first the Kingdom of God. God will take care of the other stuff.

David understood this.

In Psalm 131 he contemplated a little child with his mother. Specifically, a weaned child resting with his mother. He was humble enough to see what was really important. In David's world, for the first part of child's life, being next to mom meant nursing for food and for comfort. But after the child was weaned, there was a tenderness that came when this little child snuggled close to mom and found comfort just being next to her. The child no longer urgently sought the breast for food. These moments flee quickly. But David was not too proud to notice them. He saw something wonderful in those tender moments. He saw that his comfort, his contentment was tied to his relationship to his God, just like that child’s contentment was tied to being next to his mom.

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