The Lord Laughs at Public Opinion Polls

Each political season millions are spent on public opinion polls. Millions more are spent reporting and analyzing these polls. After all, what would the 24/7 news channels talk about without any breaking news regarding a poll?

Then to complete the cycle, more millions are spent assessing the impact of these polls in order determine what the next set of polling questions should look like.

It easy to forget that there is only one poll that matters, the one that occurs in voting booths on election day. But, nonetheless, an industry of polling has come to have a dominate place in American life. There are even polls that ask people what they think will happen in the future, as if anyone could know!

The various agendas of the wicked are discouraging. It appears that public opinion has embraced all that is ungodly and contrary to what God commands – the polls confirm this.

Christian, you can be thankful that your God is not the least concerned about public opinion. He does not plan based on polling data.

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