Love Is a Gift, Not a Swap of Emotions

My marriage is wonderful, and Michael's incredible, but let me also say that our relationship isn't perfect -- it's taken humility, patience, and grace to get where we are. There have been rough patches and some days when he didn't seem all that "wonderful" to me, and I can imagine that he's felt the same way. I've come to see that love is like an oak tree. When nurtured it takes root. We have storms that leave us feeling confused and miserable, but we put effort into seeing them through, because both Michael and I know that with each passing season those roots are growing beyond what our senses observe.

Like most young couples, we started out eager yet unprepared. I was a young bride believing that love was give and take, and that a 50/50 partnership was ideal. As long as I was willing to meet Michael halfway on everything, we'd be just fine. But experience soon taught me that unless I was willing to give 100 percent of myself to this marriage, without expectation of return, my gift of love was little more than a swap of emotions.

"Without expectation of return?" You might ask, "Well that doesn't seem fair."

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