When You Love Your Wife You Love Yourself

I'll never forget those eyes, dancing above the rim of her glass the moment I walked into the room, the first dance of many ... wild and wonderful. Four days later (An eternity, she said!) we kissed and purposed to spend our lives as one.

As I lay across the bed from my beautiful, lovely Bride during our Hawaiian honeymoon (a typically generous gift from my brother and sister-in-law) those dancing eyes held my gaze, their radiance intensifying a vague sense of loss.

Time. Suddenly all those years without her seemed lost.

Drinking in the moment's wonder, my fingers fell lightly, high upon her cheek, tracing to her lips the soft outline of her face.

"Why didn't I meet you ten years ago? Where were you? Look how much time we've missed being together."

But life is like that, isn't it? One day we wake up in an oasis wondering why we wandered around in the desert for so long.

I purposed right then and there, 21 years ago, laying on the bed in our room on the 5th floor of the Lahaina Shores Hotel, I would cherish this woman, my bride, this breath-taking gift from God, every day of my life.

How great it would be to report that I have loved Lisa perfectly. I cannot. I've caused her tears, been unloving, insensitive, and downright sinful at times. But, I can report to you that Lisa has been and is a cherished woman. I'll be transparent ... she makes it easy for me.

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