The Most Loving Thing I’ve Done for Our Family

So I'm really into this Mom Thing. Like, really.

You might say I'm downright crazy about our kids. All eight of them. And they'll happily confirm that fact. Mom's a little nutsy when it comes to her kids.

I think about them. Pray for them. Make time for them. Talk to them. Listen to them. Laugh with them. Love on them.

Yep. Definitely a bit nutsy. Much like you with your kids.

In fact, I love my kids so much that I'm willing to sweep them aside.

When their dad walks through that door.

They all know the drill. When Daddy returns home, everyone moves over to clear a path for what’s about to take place. As there’s surely going to be some huggin' and kissin' going on, so it's best to find something else to do if you don't want to watch the inevitable.

Oooh! Dad's here.

And there goes mama ...

Because even though I love our children – crazy about them, really – my husband is first in my heart.

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