The Most Loving Thing I've Done For Our Marriage

I'd like to think that there's been a whole lot of loving done over the years. I mean, so much can happen in over 20 years of marriage, right? Good times. Hard times. Big sacrifices. Small ones. I've loved him through it all.

But what would be the most loving thing?

Would it be that gorgeous September morning when I vowed to love him "until death do us part"? Loving him.

Or maybe when I gave birth to our first child? The pain. The joy. Loving him.

Or maybe the 5th child ... or the 8th? Loving him.

When I followed him across the country ... and then back again? Loving him.

Or perhaps when I wept and prayed over him as I watched his vital signs drop in that cold hospital room. Oh, please God ... desperately loving him.

Yes, lots of loving over the years. But the most loving thing? I've thought long and hard over this question.

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