Make the Switch in Life and Worship

During a ferocious winter storm, I awoke in the middle of the night to find my house without electricity. A quick glance out the window revealed that our entire block was entirely dark. I called our power company. "Yep," they said, "the power is down in your neighborhood. Our repair teams should have it restored in about six hours."

Turning to my wife I said, "The power is down." She hid her love for obvious statements behind an eye roll. "They're hoping to have it restored in about six hours."

She rolled back to sleep. I got out of bed, walked to the bathroom, and closed the door. Then, I did something which I've thought about a hundred times.

I flipped the light switch.

Now, why did I do that? I had observed darkness on my entire block, and I was told by experts (the power company) that the power would be off for another six hours. I had even told my wife that the power was off. But now, by my sleepy self, I was acting like my house still had electricity. Why did I do that?

The Lights Are Off, But Everybody's Home

I wonder if this describes much of our Christian lives. Are these examples familiar?

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