Making Memories: You Don't Have a Choice

This summer I was blessed to hang out with two young women who I mentored when they were young teen moms. Both of them are single moms still, but their lives show a lot of growth — both in their life situations and in their faith. We chatted about our teen moms support meetings, about the discussions we had around the living room of the pregnancy care center, and about their kids as babies.

"I didn't realize how important those moments were until much, much later," Mari said.

Laura added, "The lessons of faith stuck with me and when I was at my lowest point the memories returned."

That's the thing about memories:

We don't have a choice. Every day we can and do make them.

God can use them to change a heart ... even years later.

We never know what little things will stick.

A few things to remember about making memories...

Today is a day your child can remember forever. If you scan through Pinterest or the gazillion blogs out there today you'd believe that making memories can't happen unless it involves food, crafts, or fun. But memories aren't made only during those special moments. They're also made on ordinary days.

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