From the Manger to the Cross

God's ways are not our ways. Perhaps nothing demonstrates this more clearly than the incarnation of God's Son, Jesus. His birth was that of a commoner and his death was that of a criminal. He was born in the company of animals in a stable. He died in the company of thieves on a cross stained with his blood. The political leaders of his country tried to murder him as a baby. And it was the religious leaders 33 years later who finally succeeded where Herod had failed. His family fled to Egypt when he was a toddler. His friends fled from him at his trial. Despite a humble birth and a disgraceful death, Jesus did what he set out to do. He began life with a pure heart. In death he offered up a pure life for the wretched likes of me and you. The angels burst into praise at his birth. The earth shook at the inequity of his death.

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