Marketing Strategy

Let's evaluate the strategies of enlisting recruits of the two opposing forces involved in spiritual warfare. We will start with the plan of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is a straightforward approach and could be stated like this: Life is to be lived for the glory and honor of God. Man has rebelled against that reality and is in need of rescue. Strictly on his own initiative, through the sacrificial death of his son, God rescues people from darkness and brings them into the kingdom of light for all eternity.

That is the strategy of one side. Here is the strategy of the other side, the kingdom of this world. It is also straightforward.

Satan hates mankind and has a wretched plan that ends not in rescue but in death and everlasting torment. People must be deceived so that they will not recognize the purpose of this plan until it is too late.

If both sides adhered to the practice of full-disclosure, the kingdom of darkness would be at a clear disadvantage.

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