Marriage and Ketchup: They're Both Worth the Wait!

In the 1970's, Heinz came out with series of commercials illustrating how slow their ketchup flowed from the bottle. Point being that their ketchup was thicker and richer than the other brands on the shelf. To reinforce their brand, "Anticipation, you're making me wait" was their theme song, along with a tagline that read, "Taste that's worth the wait!" While watching an episode of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, I learned from a young age how centrifugal force was my ally when it came to dressing my dog and fries. One long swoop of the bottle and it was putty in my hands. Well, more like ketchup on my plate, but you get the idea...

Kids nowadays don't know how easy they have it with plastic squeeze bottles and condiment pumps, but while they have it easy, they're missing out on simple lessons learned through patience.

Fast food, fast cars, fast money, and fast access to pain relief have left us weak and void of muscle tone when it comes to flexing the muscle of patience. We must exercise patience daily in order to increase in strength. defines patience this way, "Bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like." That includes nagging of course.

Can you see how this would be an asset to any marriage?

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