What to Do When Your Marriage is Falling Apart

A year ago, we moved into a quaint and modest three-bedroom brick house. Built in the 1920s, it's a beautiful home for its age, but it also has its bumps and bruises. Like anything, time takes its toll. But it has, and still, endures. If you have ever bought anything new, you know it doesn't take long to develop cracks, rust, dents, dings, and a long list of other imperfections. Whatever is new eventually starts to fall apart.

Marriage is no exception.

I am a pastor's wife. Being in ministry, we have had the joy of seeing many couples enter into marriage excited and hopeful for their new life together. We love to see God using couples to glorify Him in their marriage and in their family. But like anything else, many marriages that begin well, don't always continue (or end) well.

There are all sorts of reasons for breakdown in marriage: Everything from something as serious as infidelity, to something as simple as poor communication. You might be reading this today and your marriage may be struggling. Perhaps you feel like the brokenness is too much and you feel like you can't go on. Maybe you feel like there is just no hope.

Don't give up! God is a builder and He loves to restore what feels like it's crumbling down. While there is much that could be said, let me offer four simple ways you can help build hope back into your marriage.

1. Pray. I am reminded of Nehemiah's response when he heard the news that the walls of Jerusalem were destroyed. Not only were the walls falling apart, so were God's people. His response? He began to pray (Nehemiah 1:3-4)! Pray for a new and soft heart (whether for you or your spouse). Confess where there is sin. In all things, take your neediness to the God who can do all things. Be patient and persistent in prayer. It is God's power, and not our own, that restores.

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