Marriage, Manhood, and Social Media

I won't deny that I am on a few social media networks, but I can admit that I am getting tired of people, good people and especially men, posting inappropriate material on their walls or pages. I'm at a point where it's pretty simple to explain. It doesn't matter how you are affiliated with me, whether by family or friend. If you post material that you know is questionable, I will no longer choose to follow you. Extreme, you might say? Well here are just a couple of examples where you could get into trouble and why you might want "unfriend" as well.

Example #1: How will it affect my marriage?

Not too long ago I found myself lying in bed next to my beautiful wife. In bed early and relaxing, we were scrolling on our phones and playing games. This was set to be a quiet and relaxing night, right? As I scrolled down my social media wall, an image came up of a woman who was half-dressed and posing inappropriately.

Let's stop the story right there. Yes, I have the ability to scroll past the image quickly to avoid my wife seeing it. That really wouldn't be a hard thing to do. But, the image is still clearly in my head and still on my page. Will the individual that shared the image, share more? Survey says? Yes.

Imagine if my wife had looked over to my phone at exactly the same time as I was scrolling past this image. What do you think would go through her mind? I can tell you right now, it wouldn't be good. If it were your wife, she like mine might think you wanted to see the image or you are following someone or a page that posts those kinds of images. Is she right? Well, hopefully not. But it is on your network and on your social sites. This situation could make for a long night and a possible fight. And it is very avoidable. As a husband, I know I don't want something like this to happen in my marriage. She deserves my full attention. You can read more about this topic in Hebrews 13:4.

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