Material Signs of Maturity

materialmaturitymainWhen does a boy become a man? The answer goes far beyond biology and chronological age.

As defined in the Bible, manhood is a functional reality, demonstrated by leadership and the fulfillment of responsibility. One mark of manhood is the economic maturity sufficient to hold an adult job and handle money.

The Christian view of manhood elevates economic maturity even more. A Christian man sees his work as an assignment from God -- and as a gospel issue. If he fails in his responsibility by complacency and sloth, he knows that he has done injury to the gospel and the cause of Christ.

This portrait of manhood is not popular with modern advertisers and marketers. They know where to aim their messages -- at adolescent boys and young men who are enamored with popular entertainment, sporting events, and material goods. The media extol economic carelessness, self-centeredness, and laziness as the standard of young manhood -- easy prey for these hucksters.

A real man, in contrast, knows how to hold a job, handles money with responsibility, and, if married, takes care of the needs of his wife and family. Failure to develop economic maturity leads to young men who float from job to job and take years to "find themselves" in terms of career and vocation.

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