Is Math Just a Tool?

I've often heard Christians, even Christian teachers, say that some aspects of our lives, such as math, are just tools, neither good nor bad. No "Christian perspective" is required to fully understand and use them. When pressed for a reason, they often say something like this: "Things like math can be used for good or evil -- so they must be neutral. With math, you can build a bridge to help travelers (good), or you can build an atom bomb to kill people (evil). So math is amoral, like rocks. With rocks, you can build a house or kill people."

This may sound reasonable on the surface, but it fails to consider what the Bible says about "What is good?"

Jesus said, "There is none good but ... God" (Mark 10:18), since God alone is perfect, complete, and without moral corruption. Yet the Scriptures also use the word good to describe God's creatures (1 Timothy 4:4) and those who live godly (3 John 11). This broader sense of "reflecting God" in being conformed to the purpose of God's design is the sense relevant here.

Everything God made was "very good," and God wants His glory to be seen in every little detail of our lives -- "whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do" (1 Corinthians 10:31). This truth can transform your view of all human endeavors, including the liberal arts (the study of language, music, astronomy, biology, logic, ... and math).

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