Men Have Boxes, Women Have One Big Ball of String – Getting Communication Right!

Marriage communication ... it's a funny thing. Okay, sometimes it's not so funny. You love each other. You both speak English reasonably well. It's not like your trying to order food from a local grocer in Paris. So why does it keep happening?

You start a conversation about something that really matters to you and suddenly, your husband says something that proves he's on planet Zork or your wife is speaking in an alien tongue and accusing you of not listening or caring.

If you're married you know what I'm talking about, don't you?

The conversation starts out okay but then spirals down until you're both completely frustrated. Not long into it, he started saying some really annoying things. And her! She was totally misunderstanding – twisting even – what you were trying to say, right? Can't a guy catch a break? You were only trying to help.

Sometimes it can get worse than that. It's not only a minor misunderstanding. Suddenly a canyon-sized void opens up between you and everything you enjoy about your relationship is gone until you climbed back to civility a few hours/days/weeks later.

I'll never understand that woman!

He just doesn't listen! He doesn't even care!

There's a reason you both keep going back to the well of misunderstanding and frustration.

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