Men: Is Your Ego is Destroying Your Marriage?

Does it seem, sometimes, that things just aren’t going right at home? You and your spouse don’t just seem to be on different pages…you’re in totally different books. Not sure why things are feeling so rocky lately? It may be time to take a look in the mirror and evaluate whether your words and actions may be contributing to the discord. Sometimes, unknowingly, if egos are left unchecked, it may lead to destroying your marriage.

It’s All about Give and Take

By now, Carlie and I have learned that we have different interests. She may not really be into some of my favorite movies and may not share my love for sports. That being said, she still joins me on the couch after the kids are asleep to enjoy some of my favorites.

I’ve had to remind myself over the years that it’s important that we do some of her favorite activities too. There’s nothing wrong with turning off the game and turning on her favorite romantic comedy. The priority shouldn’t be what we’re watching; it should be who we’re watching it with.

What’s Your Role at Home?

Once upon a time wives’ jobs were to stay at home, raise the kids and have a clean house and dinner on the table when their husbands returned home from work. Those ideas were considered “women’s work.” As roles have changed, however, so have the responsibilities that men need to take on at home. If you’re like us, your wife may work one (or more) jobs, homeschool the kids and do a myriad of things in the community. Gone are the days that her only thought is the need to take care of the home.

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