Mercy or Fairness: You Can't Have Both

One of the significant areas of conflict in life is the battle that emerges from wanting to have things God's way and my way. One example is desiring God's mercy while we expect, and even demand, to be treated with fairness. Desiring fairness is a black hole that leads to anger, frustration, disappointment, and struggles in relationships. Where would you and I be if God treated us fairly? Does God ever have a reason to be fair with you? In pride, I want to say yes. I don't deserve unfair treatment. But such thinking is stupid. In light of what God has given for me and how I act in return for his mercy, any demand for fairness is indeed stupid. To expect fairness is to live like a fool, to live has if there were no God.

You see this in your children. If a sibling seems to have more fun, more time with a toy kids become outraged. "It's not fair!" Whether I want to admit or not, I often act the same way.

Mercy and fairness – they are not compatible.

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