Missional Marriage: 10 Practical Ways to Serve Other People

missionalmarriagemainMy husband, Jeremiah, and I always had a desire for our marriage to make a difference in the lives of others. We knew that God brought us together for a greater purpose beyond "us."

Early in our marriage we had the opportunity to serve in an apartment ministry together. Our responsibilities were to facilitate community among residents, build relationships, host dinners and events, and share the love of Christ. We invested in our residents for two years and most of them were non-Christians.

The ministry was demanding with many hours to fulfill and events to prepare, organize, and implement. But during that time, our relationship grew leaps and bounds because we were on a mission together.

Expect Opposition & Conflict

We prepared food together, shared the gospel together, counseled others together, cleaned up messes together and more. Our purpose was to give our love away to other people and it changed us forever, especially when we received emails from residents and managers on how much our serving meant to them.

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