My Father and Winston Churchill

fatherchurchillmainMy father served as an officer in the U.S. Navy in World War II. Winston Churchill served as Prime Minister of Great Britain. My father served in the Pacific Fleet. Great Britain is in the Atlantic. My father earned the respect of the 120 men he led as skipper of his warship. Churchill earned the respect of hundreds of millions with his brave leadership against the Axis powers. My father admired Churchill. Churchill never knew that my father existed. "So," you might be asking, "Why is this article is titled the way it is?"

In the providence of God, Winston Churchill made a decision that impacted my father's life. Churchill was concerned about how Allied Forces could successfully invade European beaches and drive out a well-entrenched enemy. For such an invasion, large numbers of troops would have to land on the beaches of Europe with plenty of tanks, supplies, and artillery. This invasion force could not be airlifted in. All the ships that existed in 1940 were too small to land significant numbers of troops at any one time on an enemy beachhead. Like many great men, Churchill was not limited by what did not exist. In 1940 he stated:

Let there be built great ships which can cast upon a beach, in any weather, large numbers of the heaviest tanks.

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