The No-Name Behind the Big-Name

Walter Hooper met C.S. Lewis in Oxford, England at The Kilns -- C.S. Lewis' home -- in June of 1963. I met Walter Hooper a few summers ago at that same place. As a young man, Walter traveled across the pond to meet the author who deeply influenced and inspired him. As a middle-aged woman, I too traveled across that same pond to study the author who deeply influenced and inspired me. I studied at the C.S. Lewis Institute. And, when I arrived, I received a treasure I never expected ... I met Walter Hooper!

Walter Hooper is a gentleman in the truest sense. At age 83, he is mannerly and articulate, charming and witty. A native of North Carolina, he now lives in Oxford England. He is a soft-spoken gentlemen with the most delightful southern accent mixed with a tinge of jolly old England!

I gathered with a group of fellow Lewis cronies at the Kilns as part of the C.S. Lewis Summer Institute. We sipped tea and had the privilege of listening to Walter share many stories about his time with Lewis.

So much about Walter struck me. Did you know he was Lewis' last private secretary? He knew intimately the work of Lewis. His deference struck me in my deep place. For over 40 years, Walter has dedicated himself to preserving and promoting C.S. Lewis' work as a literary executor and trustee for the estate of C.S. Lewis. He has edited about 30 pieces of Lewis work posthumously.

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