NBC's "George Washington" and Spielberg's "Lincoln"

lincolnwashingtonmainRecent years have seen a rekindling of national interest in America's true history -- a fact borne out by the New York Times' bestseller list. Whether it is my own The Jefferson Lies, David McCullough's John Adams and 1776, Glenn Beck's Being George Washington, Newt Gingrich's Valley Forge and Victory at Yorktown, or even modern language reprints of The Federalist Papers such as Original Argument, people are willing to pay money to learn what used to be taught in school.

Hollywood is attempting to capitalize on this growing interest through efforts such as Stephen Spielberg's Lincoln and NBC's series George Washington. The choice of these two great heroes is excellent, but the content put forth about them in these new offerings is not. Both are inaccurately portrayed, especially in regard to the moral positions that each held.

For example, in George Washington we are told that "his true character is revealed for the first time" -- a statement that immediately raises red flags. Probably no other American has been so thoroughly investigated or had so many books written about him, so there are no new revelations to be made. Yet suddenly, through the scriptwriters of NBC, we are being exposed to his "true character" -- and it is "for the first time"?

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