We Need More Spotters

"We need more spotters!" I called to the girls on my cheerleading squad. We were attempting to build a new mount, one where the girl on the top of the pyramid would be tossed into the air before being caught in the arms of two of her teammates standing on the ground. Before making that dismount, however, she had to successfully get to the top of the mount. So I called for more spotters. A spotter is someone on the ground who stands ready, arms outstretched, to assist the gal on top should she start to wobble. If she does, the spotter reaches up and holds her ankles to steady her and keep her on course. The spotters on the ground are essential to the success of the mount. They can make or break the landing. They can prevent falls and ultimately injuries.

The sideline of a football game isn't the only place where we need spotters. We need them in our lives as Christians as well. We must surround ourselves with those who will look out for our good, with arms outstretched, ready to steady us should we begin to falter.

Sadly, over the twenty-seven years we have been married, my husband and I have witnessed the failure of half a dozen marriages of friends, fellow church members and even some in our extended family. Looking back, there were warning signs that some of these people were beginning to wobble; to flirt with the world and to invite trouble, and ultimately infidelity, into their lives. This left us pondering the question, "Could we have done something to help?" We also contemplate, "What can we do as a couple to prevent something like this from happening in our own marriage?"

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