Never Let the Honeymoon End

honeymoonendmainThirteen years ago, my husband James and I said, "I Do." We were the typical lovey-dovey newlywed couple who wanted to spend every waking moment with each other. Going to the grocery store was bliss. Garage sale shopping was bliss. Biking around the lake was bliss. Anything was bliss as long as we were together.

But something threatened to burst our bubble -- advice from our friends.

"Oh, enjoy it now. It won't last. In a few months, you'll totally be over all this and start acting normal again."

"Just wait until you've been married for a few years. You won't be so starry eyed."

"After you have kids, forget about romance."

After a while, we didn't want to hear anymore of this reality-based depressing advice. Sure we understood that the butterflies would subside, but why shouldn't we always act as if we were in love?

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