New Scientific Study Proves We Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Babies in the womb are capable of learning words as well as recognizing distinct sounds, according to new research, emphasizing the complexity and wonder of life at its earliest stages. Previous studies and anecdotes suggested unborn babies are able to learn sounds while still in the womb. Research has suggested newborn babies find sounds from other languages unfamiliar, with babies of English-speaking parents reacting differently to vowel sounds they don't recognize. Newborn babies have also been found to recognize the theme song from their mom's favorite TV show.

While these studies hinted at memory development in unborn babies, they all depended on judging newborns' behaviors, according to Science Now. These behaviors do show us something, but aren't reliable. So, a group of researchers from the University of Helsinki, in Finland, decided to dig deeper to find out if babies can learn to recognize specific sounds before they are born.

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