Nineveh and Washington D.C.

The ancient city of Nineveh and Washington D.C. are not dissimilar. Nineveh was powerful, prestigious and evil. The same is true for Washington. Nineveh had no regard for the Living God of Scripture. The same is true for Washington. Nineveh was called to repentance by the Word of God. The same is true for Washington. You might be asking where is the modern day Jonah calling for the city to repent or face destruction. The answer is that there is a voice in Washington more potent than Jonah's. There are thousands and thousands of Bibles throughout the city and millions more throughout the land. Every leader in the city has access to one. Many even went to Sunday School!

God's word is abundantly more available to those in Washington than to the leaders of Nineveh. The Bible has been long revered in Washington, but now it is an object of scorn. When the King of Nineveh heard the call to repent from a ragged prophet he immediately called on his vast city to bow before the voice of God.

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