No Matter What, Keep Learning

keeplearningmainAs I've alluded to before, my 8-year-old, Cooper, went to school this year for the first time and had the rudest awakening of his life.

Apparently, although he already knows how to read, his teacher expected him to (get this) ... keep reading.

"But I already know how to read!" he whined numerous times during the fall semester, as we sweated through Pinocchio and Pippi Longstocking.

To my little one, reading was a subject with a box next to it: "Can decipher the phonetic alphabet? Check. Done with reading."

I laugh at my baby boy's innocence, for thinking that we only need to learn things once and never have to learn them again. It reminds me of my pre-baby arrogance, when I thought I'd only have to tell my child once to come to me and she, quietly and obediently, would. How quickly I was disabused of that particular notion.

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