Noel Is There Somewhere

I had just unswaddled — is that a word?!?! — all the members of the nativity set. They were each wrapped in crinkled tissue paper ... all crammed together in a box from the past year. As I unpacked, I found a wise man's foot jammed into a shepherd's nose, Mary's veiled head shoved under Joseph's arm pit, a camel's hoof wedged into a lamb's mouth! It was funny to think that this motley crew coming out of my Rubbermaid tub was about to stand tall on my mantel!

The unpacking held a certain charm. And, it's not just because of how haphazardly it was all packed, it was because of Leon.

I bet you are wondering who Leon is and what in the world he was doing in a box about to be put on our mantel.

Leon ended up on my mantel a few years ago.

It was a few Decembers ago. I placed each member of the nativity on the mantel, and no, I don't have a rogue shepherd or a smarty pants wise man named Leon! After positioning all the camels, sheep, and curious magi around Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus, I then placed my stocking hangers at the front of the mantel.

You’ve seen the kind, right? They each weigh about five pounds, and they each are shaped like a letter.

My particular set spells the word NOEL.

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