The Olympic Gold Medal for parenting teenagers ...

And the Olympic Gold Medal for parenting teenagers goes to ... my beautiful bride, Chelsea!

With a 15 year old with a voracious appetite and size 18 shoes (yes, eighteen), a 14 year old with the energy of an atomic reactor and the determination of a South Dakota buffalo, and a 13 year old ballerina/soccer player who is going on 23, (not to mention three more young ones between the ages of 12 and 9), Chelsea wins 1st place in my world for most patient, wise, strong, and joyful mom of 2012.

I plan to decorate her with more kisses than Michael Phelps has gold medals. According to this judge, she deserves the highest honor and most praise of any athlete in her field. Against all odds, I've seen her rise beautifully and gracefully to the sacred duty and high calling of motherhood, hurdle obstacles, and demolish all domestic competition (A.D.D., O.D.D., and S.I.N. don't stand a chance in our home). She has surpassed all my expectations as my children's mentor and life coach. I am so proud of her!

Chelsea, "Many women are capable, but you surpass them all." (Proverbs 31:29)