One Flesh: 5 Questions for Your Marriage

"A man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh" (Genesis 2:24, ESV). God's instruction to married couples is clear. We are to be one flesh.

This is a much higher calling to marriage than the world offers. It is beyond commitment. It is beyond promise. It is beyond vows.

The imagery God provides of being one flesh should not be lost on us.

If we are one flesh:

  • Separation is impossible. How can one person become two?
  • The pain of our spouse becomes our pain.
  • The harm of one's sin becomes harmful to the other.
  • Our needs must be met – together.

While we may have knowledge of God's plan for marriage and while we may agree that this plan is critical to having a marriage as God intended, how do we know we are truly living as one flesh?

Here are 5 questions to determine areas that you and your spouse are acting as one flesh and areas that may need improvement.

1. Are we of one flesh emotionally?

This is an area that couples often struggle with early in their marriage. Before marriage, we are often attached emotionally to parents and friends because they naturally give us the emotional support we seek.

However, problems can arise when one spouse gives precedent to those old emotional paradigms once they are married. In some cases, a spouse can even become emotionally dependent on their children. Who do you turn to for emotional support?

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