One of the Hardest Places to Control Your Tongue is at Home

One of the hardest places to control our tongue is at home -- with our children. Let's be honest. Home is where the REAL me comes out. This is where the good, bad and ugly all converge. The truth is many times I get so caught up in shaping my children that I forget my own heart needs some serious shaping first.

We need to recognize and remember as moms that words. are. powerful.

As image bearers of our great God, we are called to use our words carefully. And I know… I know it is hard. When we are tired, weak, and overwhelmed it. is. hard. But we MUST remember the words we give our children now will travel with them through life.

As you consider how to use your words to strengthen your children, here are three ways words can be used as "weapons of good."

1. Use your words to PREPARE (teach) What do you want your children to know?

The New Testament records for us that Timothy had a mom that taught him the Bible from a very early age (2 Timothy 3:14-15). Her words were used and meant to prepare young Timothy to enter the world grounded in God's Word. One of the best ways a parent can prepare their child is by teaching them the truth and promises of the Bible.

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