One Small Choice That Will Make a Big Difference In Your Marriage

When I'm in the zone of self-centered pride, wanting nothing more than than to be right, be seen, be heard, and be first, there are two things that always soften my heart and nudge me in a better direction. The first one is love.

When you truly love someone you care more for your relationship than you do for your pride. Pride will never hold you close at night, or kiss you on the forehead after a crazy hard day. Pride doesn't care what's left of you after it's gone. It feeds on temporal satisfaction and nothing more. Love on the other hand is lasting. It seeks the best for you. It never fails.

Love is always the best choice, whether it's easy or not.

The other is God's Word.

I can't tell you how thankful I am for parents who brought me to Sunday school. They also brought me to church, sent me to youth group, and opened our house for home Bible studies.

It was there that I studied the Word and memorized scripture. I didn't realize it at the time, but every single one of the scriptures I learned has helped shape my marriage and the way that I parent my children today.

I love how scripture comes to mind when I'm angry and helps me to make the right choice – humility or pride, which one will I choose?

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