One Surefire Way to Become Happier

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Thanks for nothing!?” Of course you have. It’s usually said in a less than thankful tone of voice, right? You know what a person is really saying when they thank someone for “nothing.” Well, it’s usually a sarcastic way to acknowledge their dissatisfaction with another’s poor or insulting behavior. In other words, it’s what someone says when they’re ticked off! It has nothing to do with actual gratefulness; it’s actually the opposite! It’s just a snarky insult and it’s not very nice!

But, what if you took that phrase seriously? What if you actually thanked God for the supposed "nothings" in your life? You will become happier when you say “thanks for nothing” and your faith will become stronger if you infuse it with gratefulness.

Gratefulness for the seemingly inconsequential things in your life can have great consequences.

What if you actually told God "thanks for ... nothing?"

Today, instead of focusing on the big, hard somethings in your life that bring out the grumbles, start saying thank you to God for the "nothings." Thank God for things you would typically overlook.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us to “be thankful in all things.” That means A-L-L T-H-I-N-G-S! That means be thankful in the nothings and be thankful in the somethings!

To get you warmed up, start with the most obvious and overlooked things and moments in your day. When you pour coffee, “Thank you, Lord!” When you start your car, “Thank you, Lord.” When you walk to the mailbox and notice how comfortable your shoes are or when you show up for work, “Thank you, Lord!” When you bite into an apple, “Thank you, Lord.”

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