One Thing Every Christian Teen Should Learn

My third child of five teeters on the edge of turning the BIG 1-3. Thirteen. Actually, her birthday is still months away. But to hear her talk about the plans, the party, and the anticipated hoopla, one would think it is next week.

With two sisters ahead of her, this Mama is no longer phased by the endless chatter of plans surrounding this very important-to-her date.

I've learned hearing her out is the bigger deal. The theme of her birthday party will change a dozen times before February.

On this mothering of teens road, I am also learning so much more. Each child brings their own uniqueness to the journey. Even though we may want a guaranteed road map of success, there really is no such thing (bummer, right?).

If I could offer one piece of encouragement about the parent-child relationship in these years, it would be this: Give more tools instead of rules.

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