One Thing Every Wife Needs From Her Husband

There are some things in life we never forget. Some are silly and some are serious. I remember when the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl.

I remember I cried during E.T.. Not once, but thirteen times.

I remember the smell of my Dad's suits, the size of his hands, and the call from my sister when he passed away.

I remember Garbage Pail Kids, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and G.I. Joes.

I remember the morning my mom looked at us for the last time, and looked at her Home for the first time.

And I remember my wedding day – the joy, the fear, the family and friends, the uncomfortable shoes and bow tie – all of it.

It's funny what we remember, some silly and a lot serious. But we can be a forgetful people too can't we? With all of our modern day abilities to capture moments, cementing digital memories, and sharing them with the world, we can still wander into forgetfulness.

Forgetfulness happens in life, but it also happens in love.

We forget the sacredness of marriage. We forget to keep on winning over the heart of our lover. We forget to treasure, to dream, to dance, to let our glances linger. Sometimes we forget to fight for what is most important. We lose sight of our intimate and everlasting covenant.

In marriage, we can forget not only what we have, but also who we have.

If we're not careful, a marriage can drift apart not because of unfaithfulness, but because of forgetfulness.

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