The One Thing Families Can't Survive Without

It's been said that "A good marriage is the union of two forgivers." I couldn't agree more. Family life is no different. It requires even more forgiveness and grace than marriages does, simply because there are more people involved! I would go so far as to say that without forgiveness, families don't survive. An unforgiving, unyielding parent sets the tone for heartbreak and ruin in years to come.

Family life requires a daily laying down of self, doesn't it? Motherhood is a series of little and big opportunities to die to ourselves so that our children might flourish. Think of the mom with the newborn who would give almost anything for some sleep—yet cries from the bassinet beckon and she can’t help but smile at the beautiful infant she sees looking up at her. Suddenly, sleep becomes less important than taking care of her baby. On and on it goes, this laying down.

Forgiveness is a laying down, too. It's a laying down of pride and the selfish desire to be "right." Learning to be a good forgiver is one key to successful parenting and marriage.

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