One Thing You Should Know for Great Communication in Marriage

She looked across the room at me with a combination of horror and anxiety. Frankly, it seemed like a bit of an overreaction.

After all, we had been married for three months and all I said was, "Let's move to St. Petersburg, Russia."

That sounds fun, doesn't it? Why all the fuss? And, why is she so negative about my ideas?

Oh, I don't know ... how about food, shelter, and money for starters?

She's such a planner, always hung up on the minor details.

Lisa spent the next day with her anxiety meter in the red zone, stewing over the Dollar-to-Ruble conversion rate, which clothes she should pack, and what raising children in Russia would be like.

Me? I never gave it another thought because I would never move us to Russia without a purpose and a plan. It's an interesting idea though, don't you think?

So, after a long, somewhat intense discussion, she finally understood. You mean, we're NOT moving to St. Petersburg?

Of course, not!

Communication ... it's a funny thing because it always involves three things:

1. What you said

2. What you thought you said

3. What the other person heard you say

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