An Open Letter to Dads

So, what does it take to become a father? Not much, actually.

A few minutes of selfishness, thoughtlessness, and carelessness and voilà -- A Child Is Born.

Congratulations ... you're a father.

It's no big accomplishment, really. Any guy can father a child. The bar for fathering children is very low, so low, in fact, that lots of guys bail over it without a second thought.

... and then they bail.

If there's one thing the 21st century has tried to teach us -- it's that Dads are dispensable.

But nobody asked the kids who stare down the road wondering when Dad is coming back. Ever been to an orphanage? They don't think Dad doesn't matter.

There is a unique space in the heart of every kid that only the love of a father can fill. Many single moms have done well but you'll never meet one who will tell you their child didn't need a father.

And that's why Father’s Day is so much more than a card with a joke inside. It's not about the guy who brought someone into the world. Biology doesn't make a father.

The real father is the man who quietly steps up and lays down his life day after day, doing all those unseen things that say, I'm there for you; I love you; your needs come before mine; you are an important, valuable person.

Dad, you matter.

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