Opposite Yet Unified

My husband and I would never have been friends if we had met in high school. I was a rule-follower, he was a rule-breaker. I was obedient, compliant, and rarely got in trouble. Joe never did any homework. He mouthed off to the teachers, ran with the rough crowd, had piercings, and was well known by the police. I grew up in a Christian home and my father was a pastor. I loved going to youth group, had great Christians friends, and only attended Christian schools. Joe never went to church and hated Christianity. A life expectancy test he took in high school showed that he would only make it to about 27 years old. Joe, with his long hair and his black leather, was all heavy metal while my life consisted of pastels and Amy Grant.

But God's plan transcends anything man can imagine. While Joe and I grew up in radically opposite ways, we are now the same in the most crucial ways. Both of us were given new life that overcomes the differences of our past, and the ongoing differences between us today.

In many ways Joe and I are still pretty different. He likes dark movies and books, I like lighter, happier stories. He likes heavy metal and jazz, I like pop music. He is bold and direct, I am more quiet and reserved. And yet, we have been blessed (and have worked to maintain) a happy and strong unity in our marriage.

This unity, and a unity much greater than we experience, is offered to all Christian couples. You can experience unity in your Christian marriage as well because:

1. You are needy sinners

I am far from perfect and so is my husband. Though we are both forgiven and saved, we mess up quite a bit. Husbands and wives are both worthy of condemnation, and in desperate need of grace. Regardless of our backgrounds, apart from Jesus we are all lost. There is no room for finger pointing. Instead there needs to be grace, encouragement, and pointing each other to Christ.

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