Our Money-Hungry Need for More

Entrepreneurship is a beautiful picture of the gospel — risk prompting reward, faith prompting work, vision prompting real-life action. The same ambition can also be the root of all kinds of evil. We’re experimenting with nuclear energy — methods of “getting” that are terribly unstable, and can be unnoticably catastrophic in irresponsible hearts — in my heart.

Entrepreneurship is not a bad thing. It is a dangerous thing. It’s like getting helicopter-dropped into a spiritual Viet Cong. It’s not evil. But we are foolish to think that we are innocent and safe in any venture intended to build financial capital.

Gold or God?

In my worst moments, it is not inaccurate to confess: I worship money. I have at times been hypnotized by the rapture of money’s sweet promise — aching for Ben Franklin to tenderly coddle me in his arms, and grant me a beatific vision of “the good life.” Goodness — like a mouse hankers for cheese, or a stranded survivor longs to drink fresh water, I sometimes dream of filling my bank account with multiple 000’s.

Dear God, break this Satanic trance that eases the daybreak. Disintegrate this deceptively fluffy safety blanket which has entwined itself around my neck. Delete — permanently delete — this deceitful eschatology that offers greater ease (and more impressive security) than Jesus Christ has ever offered a single man. God, what hope is there for those of us who prefer a dream-world of prosperity to the real-world of your presence?

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