Parent, Do You Expect to Be Obeyed?

Your view of obedience controls how you give directions. Strange as it may seem, the way your garbage is taken out can reveal your functional understanding of obedience. The goal is to learn how to give holy, everyday directions that please God and bless your children. Let me begin by asking you two questions:

Do you want your children to obey your directions and take out the garbage?

You might be thinking, "That's a strange question; of course I want my children to obey me." That leads me to the second question.

Assuming you want your children to obey you, do you act as if you expect them to take out the garbage?

Now you are sure I am asking stupid questions. "What do you mean, do I act like I want them to take it out? Of course I do!"

Okay, let's examine some ways that parents typically ask for obedience. In this illustration, Joshua is eight years old. How many ways can Mom ask Josh to take out the garbage?

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