What If My Pastor Avoids Genesis?

A few months ago I was in a private, frank meeting with about twenty old-earth and young-earth Christian theologians and scientists. We were discussing ways to resolve our differences on the interpretation of Genesis because we agreed that this issue is critical to the church. At the end of our two-day discussion, an old-earth Old Testament professor expressed a deep concern: we are losing the young people in our churches by droves. A major reason, he said, is that so few pastors are preaching on Genesis.

As he spoke, I recalled Answers in Genesis's book Already Gone, which documents and evaluates this alarming exodus of young adults from the church. I thought to myself, "One reason so few pastors preach on the early chapters of Genesis is they're not sure what to preach." And they don't know what to preach because they're confused by all the old-earth and evolutionist views -- promoted by professing Christians -- that contradict the plain meaning of the biblical text.

But the Old Testament scholar's comment leads me to ask readers: Has your pastor taught through Genesis 1–11 recently, or ever? If so, he is a rarity.

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